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Profiles of Success

Andy Albright

Andy Albright YouTube Video

As the CEO of National Agents Alliance®, some might find it surprising that Andy Albright lives in the same Burlington NC farmhouse ...

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Alex Fitzgerald

Alex Fitzgerald YouTube Video

Alex Fitzgerald was on track to live the typical American life: he graduated from college, got married and was about to enter ...

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Andy Riddle

Andy Riddle YouTube Video

Andy Riddle was working as a vice president with Merrill Lynch Bank when he heard about NAA®. He was looking for part-time ...

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Bill Cook

Bill Cook

Bill Cook says every day is a new story with National Agents Alliance®. When Cook started out with NAA®, he looked at ...

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Bill & Diane Lampe

Bill & Diane Lampe YouTube Video

Only six months after joining NAA®, Bill Lampe’s agency ascended to the Top 10 on the company’s leaderboards in both production and ...

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Chris Baldwin

Chris Baldwin YouTube Video

As a former construction manager overseeing professional sports complexes Chris’s six figure income gave him no control where he could live.  The ...

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Chris Long

Chris Long YouTube Video

Chris and Cortney Long were having “date night” at a Japanese Steakhouse and happened to sit beside of Andy Riddle. Chris Long ...

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Daniel Gillingham

Daniel Gillingham

Dan was born & raised in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania, near Pittsburgh and went to college at the University of Texas at Arlington, ...

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George & Penny Wilson

George & Penny Wilson YouTube Video

George Wilson was living in Central Florida working the real estate market when the market went south quickly in the late 1990s. ...

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Greg & Christine Scheitlin

Greg & Christine Scheitlin YouTube Video

Greg and Chris Scheitlin have a desire to positively affect people’s lives. They have always poured themselves into everything they have attempted, ...

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Hal & Ellen Rosen

Hal & Ellen Rosen YouTube Video

Ellen and Hal Rosen were both born in St. Louis, Missouri and have spent practically their entire lives in the “Show Me” ...

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Jason & Tawny Carey

Jason & Tawny Carey YouTube Video

Three simple things attracted Jason Carey to NAA®: the leadership, the culture and the opportunity to have your own business and develop ...

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Kyle Winebrenner

Kyle Winebrenner YouTube Video

As one of NAA®’s “Super Doers”, Kyle Winebrenner’s star is on the rise. Born in Wisconsin and growing up in Indiana and ...

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Michael Owens

Michael Owens YouTube Video

Michael Owens was born on an Air Force Base in Lakenheath, England but primarily grew up in Ohio. Owens attended some college ...

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Mike & Michele Alleman

Mike & Michele Alleman YouTube Video

Michele Alleman discovered NAA® when a friend invited her to Dallas, Texas to attend an opportunity meeting. Alleman had been in Medicare ...

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Mike & Noelle Lewantowicz

Mike & Noelle Lewantowicz YouTube Video

As one of NAA®’s “power couples”, Mike and Noelle Lewantowicz have built an impressive agency. With consistent appearances on the top of ...

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Patrick Connors

Patrick Connors YouTube Video

A simple email from Alex Abuyuan to Patrick Connors led to Connors finding and joining NAA® back in November of 1999. That ...

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Paul Roberts

Paul Roberts YouTube Video

Paul Roberts grew up with his sister and single mom in a suburb of Houston, TX. Always a mischievous kid, Paul spent ...

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Stephen Davies

Stephen Davies YouTube Video

Stephen Davies meteoric rise as one of NAA®’s top agents started when Davies, now 30, was only 18 years old. Davies began ...

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