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Bill & Diane Lampe

Bill & Diane Lampe

Dallas, TX

Previous Occupation: Mortgage Consultant
Previous Income: $150,000
Current Income: $1,000,000+

Only six months after joining NAA®, Bill Lampe’s agency ascended to the Top 10 on the company’s leaderboards in both production and recruiting.
Lampe and his wife Diane haven’t slowed down since.
Prior to joining NAA® on Jan. 10, 2006, Lampe worked as a mortgage consultant and held various sales jobs before deciding to get his insurance license. Lampe was initially attracted to the marketing and business plan of NAA®. He was impressed with the plan and saw an opportunity to provide a service to the community and begin his journey toward financial freedom.
When the Lampes joined NAA® they were facing $175,000 in credit card debt. Only 11 months later, things had been turned around and the Lampes earned $388,000. In their first full year with NAA®, that number rose to $1.2 million.
“If you are not afraid of work and you are willing to follow the great system in place, you can become successful with NAA®,” Diane Lampe said. “We are just ordinary people that had a dream and weren’t willing to let it die. Anyone can do this. Make the decision to jump in.”

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